Saturday, 26 November 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Net Code

The new net code used in modern warfare 3 has to be changed.  Think your just to slow? always seem to die 1v1?  youmight not be that mad after all!  There is always instance's were you think "WTF come on I put 5 bullets into him and he didn't die" that's because the server only registered 2 of those hits and 3 of his.  Want proof beyond all doubt? sorry not going to happen but I will tell you my experience's last week I was sitting around .7 K/D (and im an old school counter-strike player I just can't be that bad!)then I started reading about all the net code issues people are having and funnily it sounded exactly how most of my games go.  There was a post on Reddit stating pc uses could change their max ping to help improve their performance.  The max ping is set at 800, 800!! what the ... that's worse than dial-up ever was! so I restricted my max ping to 100 (minimum is 50) and do you know what's happened? my K/D is sitting around 2.5/3 this week those1v1's I used to lose? not any more, I am consistently top 3 on score now as opposed to bottom/mid last week, did I just get a lot better in one week? I don't think stated this is far from solid proof however i know my games improved dramatically since making this change.  What do you think, does the net code need reworked? is the pc work around "exploiting"?

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