Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Spooktacular Nerfs and Buffs

So Halloween has come and gone, all variety of games have released their Halloween content, and Dungeon Defenders was no different with their release of patch 7.05 containing Halloween Spooktacular quickly followed by 7.05b,7.05c for bug fixes.
The forums were full of complaints over the difficulty of the event, and it was, in fact, really hard if not impossible if you were not already max level with some decent gear,  did I mind? Not one bit it was nice being challenged in a game for once.
If they didn't re-balance the map I would never have gotten the 4 costumes unlocks and the great weapons and I was fine with that, I'm not from generation  "I'm awesome and I should have everything handed to me".
So when the map first came out the last two rounds consisted of 3/4000 and 6/7000 enemies respectively,  that's a lot of "orcs must die!" so what did you get from all those orcs and goblins? Mana (money), a lot of experience and gear, so much you couldn't pick it all up before it despaired on you! 
Before this event started I had my level 32 Monk and that was it, now one week after the release of their Halloween content I have 64 Monk,70 squire, 38 Apprentice, 35 Hunter and I haven't been playing any more than I would have otherwise.  A balance patch was inevitable as the company bends to the vocal minority so 7.06 was release.  Which drastically changed the event now the last rounds consisted of 650 and 750 enemies,  and you only had to complete it on Hard to receive your costumes.

Along with the changes to the Holiday event, there were changes to the squire which in some people's views killed the class and those people weren't far of the map, there was a reduction in damage on all towers by roughly 50% in-game damage but don't worry too much as Trendy Entertainment is proving time and time again they are fast with the fix's and the very next day (7.06b) the squires tower damage was increased by 30%.
7.07 hit with even more fixes to the squire correcting attack rate on towers and releasing the Halloween event on to the open servers.  7.08 patch notes are up and scheduled to be released in two days.  So we are up to seven patches in a week, not bad going.
Overall, I have had fun with this first Dungeon Defenders event and  with a couple more events scheduled for the next month, including a pvp event, if you haven't checked this game out and are into Tower defence at all you really 
need to get your hands on this game and for $15 why wouldn't you?

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