Friday, 11 November 2011

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Week One

The latest instalment of the Call of duty series was released this week and for once I decided to buy into the hype and pick it up (I haven't played cod since cod 1).  We are now 4 days later and i have spent around 8 hours in the multiplayer and 2 hours in the campaign.  The campaign is very fun and I have decided to do a "Let's Play" series (see below or on my youtube page).  The multi-player is also rather enjoyable apart from one thing, perks,  yes they have been around awhile now but that doesn't mean they are a good idea. The last first person shooter I played seriously was counter-strike which of course does not have perks everyone starts out every game equal and skill/luck decide who gets the better equipment during the game not time played.  So because Jim bob has played no stop since release he has all the nice perks and has a huge advantage over someone who is only able to play for an hour a day which appears kind of odd since the multi-player seems geared more towards casual players than hardcore players.

Is this just the way shooters have gone to add re-playability to their games? as it seems most shooters that have been released in the last few years have some sort of perk system and no battlefield 3 is no different.  There was no perk system in counter-strike yet it was argue-able one of the most successful shooters of all time and was one of the pioneer games for "e sports".  I remember watching counter-strike tournaments 10 years a go!
Am I making too much out of it? probably we are after all still within the first week of release and even I am above level 30.
So apart from perks there are also weapon levels (another replay hook?) which make sense to a point,  the more you use a gun the better with it you are, sounds right,  but how come I can't keep my scope if I change guns? surely I didn't forget how to look down a scope.
Overall these are minor issues and the game-play itself is very enjoyable. Fast paced action (faster than battlefield 3) graphically its fine, as many people have pointed out it looks exactly like modern warfare 2, which doesn't bother me since I didn't play it!

It is as rage inducing as any shooter is but well worth the price and a nice addition to anyone's cod library

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