Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wrath of Heroes Beta My Impressions after a Weekend of Waaagh!

Before I dive in,  I did play warhammer:online age of reckoning for almost a year full-time and longer with the endless trial,  I love the warhammer:online universe but the lack of people past Tier one makes for a boring game.

So I had a chance to get some time in wrath of heroes beta this weekend (around 8hrs), videos can be found on my Youtube channel.  There is so much negativity surrounded wrath of heroes no doubt due to the poor job mythic done with warhammer online: age of reckoning that wrath of heroes will need to be fantastic to succeed, and it is, so far...

Fast past mayhem of 3v3v3 arena without the boring grind to max level is how I would describe WoH.  It's very basic lobby interface provides everything you really need character details/tactics (passive skills),  a giant read button in the middle of your screen "Play Now."  Settings are pretty decent for a beta with all the standard things you would expect for video/sound settings. Achievements and store are not in beta but will come at some point.

The Characters are what I expected straight from Warhammer online AoR, ugly, loud and awesome.
The combat is very fast paced with only "the arena" (Team death match) and a redone "mourkain temple" (capture the flag) in the map pool at the moment, both small maps and with 10sec max re-spawn time the action never stops. Currently, there is no Stand and heal healers instead there is the warrior priest who heals from doing melee damage and that's it.
Disciple of Kane is in the game. However, they have turned him into rogue character not a healer which leads to no heroes in this game despite the title you fight as a team, or you die. You can create warbands to fight side by side with your friends, and these organized warbands will dominate pugs. They have done in every other PvP game, and they will do again here unless bioware-mythic can do something about it.

Personally, I think they have gone about things the wrong way WoH should have been out before age of reckoning to build hype for the subscriber based game.  They need to tread very carefully with their shop, and I hope they are only going to offer skins with no in game advantages or else this will go down faster than AoR.

Overall:  Very promising I am looking forward to seeing what other characters they are going to add and am really hoping for my Gobo Shaman makes an appearance or at the least a Squig herder, I do miss the little guys, "Not in the face!," The lack of true healers is a bit of a what moment, a pvp game with no healers?! hm.
This is a game I will be keeping an eye on, and I am interested to see the direction they are going to try and take it.  Esport maybe?

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