Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What to do while waiting for Diablo 3?

So what are you doing to pass the time until Diablo 3 comes out?  Alot of people are waiting for Star wars: The old Republic and Guild wars 2, unfortunately I was never able to get into Guild wars and Guild wars 2 doesn't seem to have excited me.  From the footage I have seen so far on SWTOR it looks like its going to be a decent game however nothing that would hold my attention, and do I want to pay $100+sub fees (NZD) on something that may keep me entertained for 3-6mnths? no, not really.
So what am I doing then?  well World of tanks is rather more entertaining than I thought it would be, there's something so satisfying about running over walls and tree's in a tank.. and blowing stuff up is never a bad thing plus its Free to play!
Browsing stream for deals is another hobby I have adopted recently picking up Orcs Must die! well worth the $15us price tag, and just yesterday I grabbed Borderlands: Game of the year edition.  I know what your thinking and no I have never played it.
Sc2 is always a good fall back game if you can get a couple of hours uninterrupted which is easy said than done.
Path of Exile is a promising looking alternative to Diablo 3 they have not announced  a release date yet but in my opinion it needs to be out before d3 or it wont reach the heights it otherwise would.
So what's keeping your attention?

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