Sunday, 23 October 2011

Orcs,Trolls,Unded,Dwarfs...And Panda's? Oh My

In case that rock you live under had a power cut for the last few days you will already know Blizzcon happened,  a lot of exciting information released as was to be expected including Blizzard Dota, The next WoW expansion "Mists of Pandaria", new Cinematic's for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2: HOTS. So here is my little break down of the news i found interesting.

Diablo 3 
Along with the expansion details they have also announced a package where if you subscribe to WoW for 12 months you get Diablo 3 for free - This is actually a really nice deal and if i had any interest in WoW and no interest in Diablo 3 Collectors edition i would be all over this.  Which leads me to the next news Blizzard also released details on Diablo 3 Collector's Edition,  so what do you get?

The box Looks Awesome in all its whiteness
The game On DvD
Diablo skull and 4gb usb soulstone with Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LoD loaded
WoW  In-game D3 shaman pet
Diablo 3 Aesthetic Artifacts
Starcraft 2 Portraits
Behind the scenes DvD
Diablo 3 Art Book
Diablo 3 soundtrack

Another first class Collectors Edition from blizzard now i just need to get my hands on one!

New "standard" features announced for the Auction house, nothing special here general search stuff you would expect anyway
Followers now viable on all difficulties! This change is pretty major from the "only viable in normal" stance they had at the beginning.  I do like this change however as there are times where you don't want to go smashing face's solo and you really cant be bothered dealing with the general idiots you get in public games

WoW expansion "Mists of Pandaria"
So Panda's aye....what the...seriously Blizzard? I know Pandarian's have been in Warcraft lore forever but but come on will it help Wow's ever dwindling subscriber  base?  I very much doubt it,  I know it hasn't excited me back into subscribing (I played from open Beta until a couple of months into Cata). Simplified Talent system,  New Monk class!, New Zones, New raids and dungeons all the fun stuff!

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