Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dungeon Defenders Victory,Knowledge and an Apology

So I learnt something in Dungeon Defenders today, unclaimed loot is distributed automatically at the end of the round did you know this? because I sure didn't. Do Trendy Entertainment need to do a better job of advising this to players?
I think so as loot tends to cause more issues than any other part of Dungeon Defenders.  So how would they do it?  Well a simple message when you joined the game much the same as the maps title stating the loot rules for that game would be good, actually being about to set the loot rules would be even better!
This revelation defiantly does not solve all the looting drama but it is a nice positive.

So firstly I need to offer my apology to all those people I kicked from my games for calling me many names I am not going to repeat but basically being a loot hog, so sorry!

My monk made it to level 25 (29 today) last night and I unleashed my steam pre-order pets!  They are a little underwhelming however still fun to have until you can find something better.  Your impressions may differ depending on what class you play but the eng/medic seem rather pointless as a monk as I have auras that do the same thing. The Aoe damage on the pyro is defiantly something you need to see,  I am assuming future pets will also do such aoe dmg.  The Single target damage of the heavy seems decent enough and I have upgraded it a few times much to amusement and jeering  of the people in stream chat.

Am I still having fun? you bet.  There was maintenance on Wednesday(?) night so I played some orcs must die! while that was happening and I couldn't wait to jump straight back in, so if you haven't brought this game yet i suggest you do ASAP you will not be disappointed.

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