Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dungeon Defenders Released

Much joy was had at the early arrival of Dungeon Defenders,  Just as I was about to log for the night, word on the forums was DD was released early so I loaded up stream and there it was and it was only a 2GB download!  30min later I am in game blocking stairways with 3 companions.  First Impressions is this game is awesome and very in-depth the one thing Orcs must Die! is missing.  I Streamed live for almost 2hours with a few people jumping in to watch which is unusually for that time of night so there is obviously some demand for this game which can only be a good thing.  Unfortunately the forums are full of people with connection issues, as of this morning there was an update on steam which has forced me into the connection issue crowd also.  Fingers are crossed they can resolve the connection issues fast, as I and many others are only interested in the online mode.  I have included a video of the tutorial until I can get some multilayer footage put together.

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