Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dungeon Defenders: The first few days

So Dungeon Defenders has been out a couple of days now, there has been stability issues with the secure servers (shocking right) which seem to have been fixed but apart from that I haven't seen or heard of any other stability issues.
My main changed from the squire to the monk when the first 3 games I played resulted in seeing 0 monks and for some reason I usually like to play the least popular class.  

The problem I am started to see the higher up the levels I go is the "diablo 2 syndrome" what's that you ask, well ill tell you.  If you are not aware each round starts with a build phase, which is when you build your trap's and a combat phase, guess what you do there?  Now there's more to the combat than just slashing or firing you actually have to maintain your traps repair/upgrade them, failing to do this more often than not results in traps being destroyed which can quickly snowball into failing the level.  So where's this diablo 2 syndrome?  People are running around not repairing there traps or in alot of case's not even hacking and slashing! all they do is loot, loot loot loot.  Now I love shinies as much as the next guy but not at the cost of losing the level.  So how can this be fixed? well there are two real options:

1) personal loot, you only see your own loot you have no access to anyone else's this is what diablo 3 is doing and it seems to solve all issue's in regards to loot.  This would be my preferred method of loot distribution.

2) Need/Greed system, As it states need or greed rolls on items.  As world of Warcraft done this will need to be limited by class on weapon drop's.

There have been more positives so far than negatives which I will go into on a different post

I'd love to hear how your first few days have gone, leave a comment below :)

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